Carbon Offsetting


For several years Corsica Sardinia Ferries undertakes measurements in order to reduce the impact of the ferry traffic on the environment.
Amongst them are the training of the crew to respect the environment, the abolition of plastic bags, the reduction of fuel consumption and the use of recycled paper.
Now also the passengers, on a strictly voluntary basis, are invited to take part in the protection of our environment because we believe that all people are concerned about the future of our planet.

The protection of the environment is a challenge we have to take up together. Therefore we have made the decision to start up this afforestation project

The carbon dioxide balance

For this reason Corsica Sardinia Ferries has asked the specialized company "Pur Projet" of Tristan Lecomte Pur Projet, to elaborate a carbon dioxide balance with the suggestion of a form of transport that has more respect for the environment and compensates the CO2 emission by an afforestation project in Brazil.

The results of the CO2 balance of Corsica Sardinia Ferries

Origin of the CO2 emission :
- 94% result from fuel consumption
- 4 % result from the manufacturing of 10 ships
- 2 % result from coolants

CO2 emission per passage :
- Example: crossing Savona/Bastia
- 1 passenger + 1 car produces 165 kg CO2
- 1 passenger without car produces 12 kg CO2

Engagement of Corsica Ferries

- Engagement for a charter to reduce the environmental impacts caused by activities of the ferry company with the establishment of goals in order to reduce fuel consumption for the most important passages.
- Engagement of the ferry company to compensate the CO2 emission in a system of permanent afforestation of plots in the tropical rainforest.
- Animation and communication on board the ships in order to win the passengers to support this goal as well as sensitization of the crews and partners of Corsica Sardinia Ferries.

Participation of passengers

The project: :Corsica Sardinia Ferries will suggest to the passengers that they could balance the CO2 emission caused by their passage with the purchase of a compensation certificate.

Where: Under the program "Corsica Ferries Forest" the ferry company undertakes to plant trees in the Amazon region. 1 tree will be planted for 25 passengers without a car or 5 passengers with a car and 16 trees for 1 lorry. The afforestation will be effected in the Indian community Kuntanawa in the Amazon basin in the Federal State of Acre. The goal is not only to maintain the biological variety but also to protect a cultural community.

Why: It is a trustworthy and clearly defined project. The afforestation level in the Federal State of Acre is rather low. Until now 5.000 trees were planted and Corsica Sardinia Ferries will join this action and plant another 10.000 trees. Information on this project can be found in the website of the ferry company. Each certificate owner can view his plot on Google Earth.

How much: The price of the certificates, example on crossing Savona/Bastia:
- foot passenger: 0,18 € (12kg CO2)
- 1 passenger plus car: 2,48 € (165kg CO2)
- lorry: 68,86 € (4591kg CO2)

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