Crossing to Corsica


1When you arrive on board the ferry the restaurant, cafeteria and self-service restaurant will be available. You can choose the place best fitting for you

2It is recommended to book a cabin on the ferries Mega Express, Cruise Ferries or Corsica Shuttle. The prices for the cabins are reasonable; the cabins will be booked exclusively. If you arrive in Livorno on the eve of your departure to Corsica you may spend the night already on board the ferry which will take you to Corsica on the next day. You may use the booked cabin also during the trip. Another advantage is that your car will be safely parked on board. Please book by calling +33.495.32.95.95.

3Pets are allowed on board our ferries. Cats and other small animals have to be kept in a suitable cage during the trip. There is no fee. You have to buy a ticket for dogs (19 €). Dogs on board have to be on a lead and wear a muzzle. You can walk freely on board with your dog except for the restaurants.

4All passengers can carry their hand luggage free of charge. Bags and backpacks with personal belongings count as hand luggage if they are not bulky. Bulky items of luggage like kayaks or canoes which are not carried on a vehicle have to be stored on the parking deck of the ship and bear a charge.

5Give us the exact data of your trip (route, date, time of departure, ticket number, cabin number) together with the description of the lost object, click here and fill out the form

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