Forgot password and problems to access my user account

I forgot my password. What can I do?
If you forgot your password you may create a new one clicking on the link « forgot password ». A new password will automatically be send to your registered email address.
I have clicked on « Forgot password » but have not received a new password?
There are two possible reasons: the given email address does not match with the email address registered in your user account. Due to security reasons they have to match. Or the email send to you went into your spam folder. If both reasons do not apply please contact our service team under [email protected].
I have changed my email address and cannot remember my password?
In order to update your account please send an email with your client number to our service team. A new password will be send to your email address.
The password send by you is hard to decipher and does not work
There are two possibilities: In order to log in copy and insert the password and then modify your user account (subject « Change password ») or register a new password clicking on the link « Forgot password». You will then receive a new password.
I have used my name and my client number in the past in order to log in. Now I was asked to enter my user name and password which I don’t know. How do I get this information?
With the development of Corsica Club we have increased the security for accessing a client account. An email with the new log in data was send to you. If you have not received this mail please inform our service team via email to [email protected] and we will resend your log in data to you..

Account management

I am trying to create an account but the site is telling me that ‘an account with this email address already exists »
You already have a Corsica Club account. Please contact our services in order to access your account. Otherwise, please use another email address in order to create a new account.
Is it possible to add a cabin reservation to my Corsica Club account?
Yes, of course. To do so, please contact our services. Please provide your client and reservation numbers.
I have just joined the club ; is it possible to add previous reservations to my account ?
No, only reservations made once your account has been created may be converted into CorsicaNautics points.
I have several accounts in my name ; is it possible to combine them without losing points ?
Absolutely. You may combine all your accounts into one single account without losing points. To do so, please contact us giving all your account numbers as well as the email address you wish to keep.
How do I change my contact details?
To change your contact details you just have to log in to your account, go to the ‘Contact details’ section or ‘Complete my profile’, add the required changes and then validate. If you wish to change your first or last name or your email address, please contact our services giving the changes you wish to be made.
Is it possible to change my surname?
Yes, it is possible to change your surname. In order to do so, please contact our services by email giving your account number and the required modification. [/FAQ]
Is it possible to consult my latest reservations ?
Yes, to see all your bookings, you just need to log in to your customer account and click on ‘Your Corsicanautics points’ [/FAQ]
How can I share my Corsica Club advantages with family?
To add a beneficiary (partner, children…) you just need to access the ‘Complete my profile’ section of your customer account and give the details of each person authorized to use your account and who can benefit from your customer advantages. [/FAQ]

Managing my Corsica Nautics points

The points I had accumulated on my account have disappeared; what can I do?
If you do not use your account for two full calendar years, your status is downgraded to the level below with the loss of some of your points. If this is not the case, you may have used your points to benefit from a discount on one of your crossings. [/FAQ]
Why is my latest crossing not registered in my bookings record?
This means that you were not connected to your customer account when you made the reservation. You have six months eci signifie que lors de votre réservation vous n'étiez pas connecté à votre compte. Vous avez 6 mois pour faire ra ;;; COMPLETE ttacher par nos services votre réservation à votre compte.
I have made a booking while connected to my customer account but no points have been credited to my account.
If you have group or freight status, you will not be able to accumulate points; only private individuals may accumulate points. If your status needs to be changed, please contact us by email giving both your booking and client number.
Will my account be credited with points if I make a booking by phone ?
Yes, just as with an online reservation, your account will be credited; just remember to give your client number so that your customer account is credited with your points. [/FAQ]
I previously had Silver status with X CorsicaNautics points. I have now used my points; what is my new status?
If you use your points, partly or entirely, and no longer have sufficient points for a particular status, your current status will be maintained for the remainder of the year. If you have not accumulated points through new bookings by the end of the year, your status will be downgraded to the one corresponding to your point balance.