Keeping tally of your points

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Use your points to save money on your next crossing!

yellow 50 CorsicaNautics
  • Use of points for all departures and all tariffs
  • Priority access to special offers *
silver 150 CorsicaNautics
  • 50% Reduced modification charge (15€)
  • Bonus of 10% for CorsicaNautics points
  • Priority access to special offers
gold 300 CorsicaNautics
  • Water + Fruits in the night cabin
  • No modification charge
  • Bonus of 25% for CorsicaNautics points
  • 5% discount in the boutique against presentation of theticket
  • Day cabin free of charge**
  • Express Boarding free of charge, or discount of 25% for Top Position ***

* These special offers are subject to availability.
**Only one day cabin/account and per crossing. Subject to availability.
*** Express Boarding : Preferential boarding for the passengers of the car, only the driver has to embark the car. Top Position (ex Top Position) : Preferential exit for the car. Subject to availability.

Further information and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Program CorsicaClub is only applicable for private persons (freight, companies and groups are excluded), and is subject to the following terms and conditions. The program Corsica Club is free of charge and without any fixed-term obligation. The owner of the reserved ticket has to be the owner of the account or his/her spouse, if he/she is registered in the additional information of the profile (heading: complete my profile), and he/she has to be one of the persons travelling on the reserved ticket . According to European Law (98/41/EU Art. 5) the following passenger information has to be recorded at reservation: Full name, first name, sex and age. Any false statement or improper use of identity will be prosecuted.

How does it work
In order to collect points (CorsicaNautics) a member has to be logged in with user name and password at the time of reservation:
- The Status (yellow, silver, gold)
- the type of tariff reserved: special tariff, standard tariff, tariff Flex or tariff local citizen/resident.
Special tariff Tariff Standard Tariff Flex
Status Yellow 3% 4% 5%
Status Silver + bonus 10% 3,3% 4,4% 5,5%
Statut Gold + bonus 25% 3,75% 5% 6,25%

Example: When purchasing a flex ticket with status Yellow 100 € (excluding fees and taxes) will achieve 5 CorsicaNautics = 5 € value.

1 CorsicaNautic = 1 € value, can be used for any reservation of tickets on our routes. Only the services of the shipping company will count for the calculation of the reservation amount and the points resulting from these. (taxes, travel insurance and reservation fee will not count).
Credit Points
With each reservation you collect CorsicaNautics (collection of points), however, these points can only be used after the date of the planned sailing (effective points). The CorsicaNautics will be credited to the relevant user account. In case you forgot to register your reservation in your account you may add the reservation within 6 months on website provided the reservation was made after the account was created. Modification of tickets: any modification of a ticket with collection qualifies for the accumulation of CorsicaNautics as described above. CorsicaNautics may not be used to pay the modification.
Validity of CorsicaNautics and the status

Change of status : : Corsica Club offers 3 different status levels: Yellow, Silver and Gold. According to the collected points each status offers specific advantages. The change into the higher status is effected immediately: for status Silver 150 CorsicaNautics and for status Gold 300 CorsicaNautics.
Validity of the account: : If the account is inactive for 2 calendar years, i.e. no reservation was made within two calendar years, the status will be downgraded and the points become invalid. All movements of CorsicaNautics on the user account resulting from other campaigns (partnerships, loyalty bonus etc.) will not be considered when defining the account activity.

Example: Last ticket bought 25/04/2023 ==> Downgrading of status on 31/12/2025.

Opening of an account

The opening of a user account of Corsica Club will be awarded with 10 CorsicaNautics credit as a welcome gift. If all fields are filled in (compulsory and optional) the registered user will receive an extra bonus of 5 points. Only one user account can be opened per person. The uniqueness of the account is guaranteed by giving the surname, first name and relevant email address.

Cancellation and modification of reservations (effects on points) :
In case a reservation is modified the points given for the original reservation will be deducted and the points calculated for the new reservation will be credited. In case a reservation is cancelled the points collected for this reservation will be deducted from the user account.
Cancellation of user account

At any time you may ask to cancel your account. You only have to send an email. Please state the number of your user account. All points of your account will be definitely deleted.


All data collected will be processed by IT of Corsica Ferries. They will be used to manage your membership in Corsica Club and to make personalised offers to you. These data will only be used by Corsica Ferries and their partners if you have accepted the sending of such offers. In accordance with the valid data rules you are entitled to access, change, amend and cancel your data. You only have to send your demand .