How do I change my ticket?

You can change your ticket using your reservation number; just fill in the ticket number and the ticket holder’s surname. .
You can also change the dates, chose, add or cancel a service (according to availability) and pay any fare difference directly by credit card.

Will I receive my ticket once I have paid?

No, you won’t receive a ticket; you will receive an email confirming your purchase and giving you a reservation number and travel summary.
You will then be able to check in and obtain your boarding pass 7 days before departure.
Do not worry if you can’t check in online; you will be checked in automatically prior to departure and you will receive an email indicating how to download your boarding card.

What is the boarding procedure?

You must have your valid identity documents (ID card, passport or, for the Toulon/Nice to Corsica lines, a valid driving licence) with you on the day of departure as well as your ticket or boarding card
If you are a foot passenger, you must report for boarding 30 minutes before departure. If you are boarding with a vehicle, you must report for boarding at least 1 hour before departure.
For security reasons you must give all passenger ID details before departure.

How will I know if crossing changes are made close to my boarding time?

Should bad weather conditions develop, your departure may be modified close to your boarding time.
If this is the case, you will be contacted by text or email. Consequently, we strongly advise you check your inbox (including your junk mail) as well as your text messages regularly before departure.
We remind you that you must report for boarding at least one hour before departure.
You can check the status of your crossing on our website at any time using the ticket number and the ticket holder’s surname.


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