Cabins Tariffs

To travel comfortably during the day as well as night, book your cabin and benefit from an entirely private space.
All our cabins are equipped with a shower, toilets, sheets and towels.

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Cabin options for day crossings: book your cabin which you will be able to enjoy exclusively at an inclusive price.
Cabins are accessible about 30 minutes after departure and will need to be vacated 30 minutes before arrival.
If you book one of our day cabins, one of our Holiday category (internal) or Cruise category (external) cabins will be assigned to you.

2 beds cabin from 30 € *
*extra 10€ for the 3rd and 4th bed.

Cabin options for night crossings: choose the type of cabin which suits you the most for the night crossing: Holiday (without porthole), cruise (with porthole) or Luxury (porthole, double bed, sitting room area and TV).
The cabins will have to be vacated 45 minutes before arrival.
4-bed Holiday cabin from 56 €


Nautel Option

If you get to Livorno the day before your crossing to Corsica, choose the Nautel option and spend the night on board the ferry going to Corsica the next morning.
Booking the Nautel option is necessary to benefit from it..

On board, our restaurants and bars are ready to welcome you.
A great way to start your holidays in Corsica !

4-bed Holiday cabin from 53 €


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  • From mainland to islands
  • MAINLAND ➔ CORSICA (Toulon, Nice, Savona, Livorno ➔ Bastia, Ajaccio, Ile-Rousse, Porto-Vecchio)
  • MAINLAND ➔ SARDINIA (Toulon, Nice, Livorno ➔ Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci)
  • MAINLAND ➔ ELBA (Piombino, ➔ Portoferraio)
  • MAINLAND ➔ BALEARIC ISLANDS (Toulon ➔ Alcúdia, Menorca)
  • MAINLAND ➔ SICILY (Toulon ➔ Trapani)
  • From islands to mainland
  • CORSICA ➔ MAINLAND (Bastia, Ajaccio, Ile-Rousse, Porto-Vecchio ➔ Toulon, Nice, Savona, Livorno)
  • SARDINIA ➔ MAINLAND (Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci ➔ Toulon, Nice, Livorno
  • ELBA ➔ MAINLAND (Portoferraio ➔ Piombino)
  • BALEARIC ISLANDS ➔ MAINLAND (Alcúdia, Menorca ➔ Toulon)
  • SICILY ➔ MAINLAND (Trapani ➔ Toulon)
  • Between islands
  • CORSICA ➔ SARDINIA (Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio, Bastia ➔ Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci)
  • SARDINIA ➔ CORSICA (Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci ➔ Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio, Bastia)
  • CORSICA ➔ ELBA (Bastia ➔ Portoferraio)
  • ELBA ➔ CORSICA (Portoferraio ➔ Bastia)