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The ferries

You will visit Corsica, Sardinia, Elba or Majorca ? Here you can find the ferry that will take you to the islands. Get information on the service on board and all the offers which can make your trip a real experience.
Most of our ferries to Corsica, Sardinia and Majorca offer nice cabins, bars, self-service and a la carte restaurants, children's playroom, swimming pool, solarium and shops.

Pascal Lota

We bought the ship in November 2015 from the shipping company Tallink Silja Line and named it Pascal Lota after the founder of our company.
It is the thirteenth ship of our fleet and after a complete renovation it is sailing since 1 June 2017.
The technical features are: length: 177 m, velocity: 28 knots, 297 cabins, up to 2200 passengers und 700 vehicles.
Due to its size, capacity and design the Pascal Lota is the flagship of our fleet.

Mega Andrea and Mega Smeralda

Mega Smeralda and Mega Andrea (sister ship) excel by size, capacity and design.
Each ship is 171.50 m long, 28 m wide and the velocity is 22 knots. Each ship takes 2000 passengers and 560 vehicles.
They are equipped with 539 cabins and offer all conveniences (bars, restaurants, conference rooms, play room for children, shop, SPA ...).

The Mega Express

Fast during the day (up to 30.5 knots), comfortable during the night (up to 370 cabins) the Mega Express ferry offers you all amenities of a big ship which can take up to 2100 passengers and 650 vehicles.
Enjoy the service on board: a la carte restaurant, cafeteria, pizzeria, spaghetteria, buffet, swimming pool, bar, video games, shops.

  • Technical datas of the Mega Express
    Mega Express Five Mega Express One & Two Mega Express Three Mega Express Four
    Length 170 m 176 m 212 m 173 m
    Construction year - 2001 2001 (reconstruction 2003) 1995 (reconstruction 2007)
    Speed 26 knots 29 knots 30,5 knots 27 knots
    Passengers (capacity) 1800 1756 2100 2000
    Vehicles 600 550 650 650
    Services A la carte restaurant, Cafeteria, Spaghetteria, Self-service, Pool, Bar, playing room and video games, Boutiques

The Classic Ferry

Our classic ferries Corsica Victoria and Sardinia Regina offer you cruises the following amenities: cinema, boutiques, a la carte restaurant, cafeteria, swimming pool, pleasant lounges.
Due to the regular and frequent departures of the Corsica Shuttle (Corsica Marina II) you can choose from a wide variety of departure times offering flexibility to your travel plans.

  • Technical datas of Classic Ferry
    Corsica Victoria & Sardinia Regina Corsica Marina & Sardinia Vera
    Length 146 m 121 m
    Speed 19 knots 19 knots
    Passengers (capacity) 1700 1500
    Vehicles 400 550
    Services A la carte restaurant (excluded C.Marina & S.Vera), Cafeteria, Self-service, pool, solarium, Bar, playing room and video games, Boutiques

The Express ferries

Corsica Express

The fast ferries (37 knots) take you to Elba in record time!
On board you will find a bar, a cafeteria and a boutique.

  • Technical datas of Corsica Express Three
    Type drive hydrojets
    Length 103 m
    Width 14,5 m
    Construction year 1996
    Speed 37 knots
    Passengers (capacity) 535
    Vehicles 150
    Services Bar, fast food restaurant, boutique