Corsica Ferries and the environment


In Corsica and Sardinia you can find extremely beautiful and well protected natural reserves. Due to the quality and diversity of the landscapes both islands are part of one of the last nature reserves in Europe.
Corsica Ferries actively participates in the protection of the environment with its own resources-

Our activities

The employees of Corsica Ferries endeavor to care about nature.
The basic principles of environmental protection are respected in the offices and on the ships. We take care of all material, i.e. there are no plastic bags to be used in the boutiques on board. Recycled paper is used in our offices. Also our brochures and information material are printed on recycled paper.
Due to economic and ecological reasons Corsica Ferries takes consciously care of the fuel consumption of the ships which is reduced as much as possible. Corsica Ferries is member of the Association of French Ship-owners and supports the fulfillment of the so-called Blue Charta of the French Ship-owners obliging to protect the waters and coastal region.

Our support

For 15 years the company has supported scientific research centers dealing with ecological and biological issues. I.e. scientists can go on board the ships to study whales and other sea mammals.
- Among these centers are "Academia del Leviatano"
- C.R.A.B. (Centro Ricerche Ambientali e Biologiche Soc. Coo.).