My owner and I

Always keep me next to you
During the crossing, I always need to have you by my side.
Help me not to get lost
On board, the signs "Zone hygiene Animaux" (Animal hygienic zone) are easily visible, but only you can recognize them.
Pet me
If I am getting slightly aggressive, make sure to remind me how to behave myself properly and if I need to do my business, we need to clean up.
Listen to me
If I am barking, it may mean that I am not feeling well. Take a while to discover why. I might disturb other passengers and, in this case, we might need to get away from public areas.
Don't ever leave me alone in a cabin.

The right way to walk me

Rule n°1
In public spaces, I always need to be kept on a leash and if I am getting unsettled, you need to put my muzzle on.
Rule n°2
I always need to be accompanied by someone who is capable of managing my energy and strength.

What if I get the place dirty ?

Clean up!
I can't do it
You need to clean up even in the animal hygienic zones.