Traveling to Sardinia

With its wild coastline with steep cliffs, wonderful landscapes and unspoilt nature Sardinia offers a variety of treasures for you to discover during your journey.
Looking for Farniente? Sardinia has countless fine sandy beaches and is full of sunshine.

The Mediterranean landscape of Sardinia is magnificent. Rocky coastlines covered with Macchia, mountains and valleys were you can hike.
You will be surprised to meet the animals still living here in unison with nature. Wild boar, white donkeys, pink flamingos, vultures with a wingspan of 2 meters ...

While hiking you will certainly find 'Nuraghi', megalith monuments which were used in past times as watchtower or dwellings.
Are you in the mood already? You will be charmed by the Sardinian culture and the hospitality of the people. Feasts, one after the other, try the traditional dishes based on local pork, lamb or goat seasoned with thyme, rosemary and other wild herbs