Booking conditions

Sea-freight bookings can be made on our site or by phone (+, by email, or directly in our boarding office-agencies.
According to how you book your ticket, different means of payment exist: credit card, cheques, cash
If the desired crossing is not available on our website, please contact us by mail so that we can check your request or offer you an alternative.

Trucks without a driver : concerning trucks without a driver, booking deadlines are not the same :
- Concerning departures from Tuesday to Saturday, reservations need to be made the day before departure at 12:00 the latest.
- Concerning Monday and Sunday departures, reservations need to be made on Friday at 12:00 the latest.
- Concerning departures on bank holidays, reservations need to be made 48 hours before departure.

Beyond these time limits, boarding cannot be guaranteed.
Specific fares are available for trucks without a driver.

Vehicles traveling under controlled temperatures : Please declare your electric connection needs while booking your crossing. 32A/50 - 60Hz/400V connection. Vehicles which are not in accordance with these connections may not be accepted for boarding.

Specific transport:
We also offer specific types of transport. This type of transport is available on demand:
- Transport of merchandise under controlled temperature
- Exceptional transport of outsize vehicles
- Transport of dangerous substances
- Unaccompanied freight (truck without a driver)
- Transport of live animals
- Knackery

Check-in and boarding

Online registration : before boarding, you need to check-in and declare your transported merchandise. Let us remind you that online registration needs to be done:
- At least one hour before for accompanied trucks (with a driver);
- At least 3 hours before departure for unaccompanied trucks.

If a truck is not registered in the allocated time, it will lose its priority during boarding.

Boarding : The boarding deadline is one hour before departure for trucks accompanied by a driver and 2 hours before for unaccompanied trucks.

Placement on board :
Once on board, we secure your equipment with chains.
The placement of vehicles on board is determined by the officer responsible for loading.


In case of a total or partial cancellation, sea freight tickets will be submitted to the following penalties on the price of the ticket (excluding tax):
- 10% up to a month before departure
- 20% up to 48 hours before departure
- 50% up to the embarkation limit hour
- 100% for tickets cancelled after the embarkation limit hour (2 hours before departure) or after registration. These tickets will lose their validity.

Sea freight tickets booked online are not refundable.


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