Standard Tariff

With our standard tariff, board all your luggage !
On crossings from Toulon, Savona, Nice and Livorno to Corsica, make the most of our numerous standard tariffs !
This tariff is always available and modifiable !

/person, one way*
2 persons + 1 camping-car
Savona-Bastia, one way
See conditions
- Any ticket booked with standard tariff can be changed by paying an amendment fee (30 €);
- It will not be partly or fully refundable.

*Taxes includes, administrative fees excluded
On basis 2 persons and 1 child under 12 years + 1 car

Flex Tariff

Complete flexibility for your trip !
Flex tariff is a modifiable and refundable tariff. It is always available on all our lines.

See conditions
-Tickets with Flex tariff are refundable and the following fees (exclusive taxes) will apply:
10% up to one month before departure.
20% up to 48 hours before departure
50% up to the deadline for embarkation
100% for special fare tickets and standard tariff tickets.

Special offers

as a family

-50% for children
from 4 to 12 years
Board all
your luggage !
from 69 /person
2 persons &
camping car

from 100 Savona - Bastia One way
Travel in
good company

from 17 The crossing
for your dog