The project "Corsica Ferries Forests"

We suggest you take part in the project "Corsica Ferries Forests" in order to reduce the carbon footprint of your journey.
With only 1 € it is possible to finance the nursery, the transportation and the planting of one tree by small producers in the Amazonas region. We, on our part, undertake to reduce the consumption of fuel and coolants on our ships.
We undertake to plant the amount of trees corresponding to your contributions to both projects which are united in the program "Corsica Ferries Forests".

Some projects in Corsica :
Sophie Guillaume is taking great care of the 130 colonies of bees at her farm "Mele di Luna" near Calvi. She selects the small black local bees and they produce excellent honey, awarded with the quality label "Corse AOP".
The farmer highly respects the extraordinary biodiversity of her farm and wants to protect it. She wants to develop her activities according to the principles of agro forestry. With this project we help her to plant a fruit and flower hedge around her bee colonies in order to protect and nourish the bees as well as to create an agro forestry orchard in a natural environment.
It is a matter of the heart to Sophie Guillaume to share her knowledge of the natural heritage of Corsica and her respect for it. On a medium-term scale she would like to develop joint studios for biological cosmetics, wax stamping for Corsican beekeepers and the introduction of agro ecology on the island.
The planted trees enable her to create a nursery and to distribute trees to other Corsican producers and to strengthen the insularity of the cultivated species.
More information on Mele di Luna.

The project in the Amazon:
Up the river Huayabamba in the region San Martin in Peru the cooperative ACOPAGRO unites more than 1,500 small producers of cacao. The producers live along the river Huayabamba isolated between water and jungle.

In 2008 they decided to engage themselves in the reforestation of areas which were cleared in previous years for the cultivation of cacao and maize.
The producers plant native trees on their own plots according to the principles of agro forestry permitting a well balanced coexistence of protecting the forest and developing agricultural plantations.
With this project the producers develop a new source of income and contribute to maintaining the bio diversity of their region as well as regenerating the soil.

Our Commitments

We always include the respect of the environment in our activities. This means:
- to train our crews to respect the environment and to use environmental friendly materials (abolition of plastic bags, use of recycled paper for communication purposes...) as well as working hard to reduce the fuel consumption of our ships as much as possible.
- membership in the "Charta Bleue d'Armateurs de France" which undertakes activities to protect the environment and the coast.
With the aim to participate even stronger in the battle against global warming and in the logic of permanent progress we will in future include the CO2 reduction into our activities.

Pierre Mattei, Director General of Corsica Ferries, explains the commitment of the shipping company for the environment (in French)

- Commitment of our company in a Charta for the reduction of effects on the environment with the establishment of goals to reduce fuel consumption on the most important journeys;
- Commitment of our company to compensate the CO2 output by planting trees in a system of lasting agro forestry projects and protecting the natural eco system in areas with particularly rich bio diversity;
- Continual information and communication on board our ships to encourage the passengers to engage in the same activities as well as to sensitize the crews and partners of our company.