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The restaurants

During your trip you can enjoy different eating facilities. Choose according to your preferences.
You can enjoy a good meal on all our ferries : in the cafeterias on the Corsica Express ferries or in the self-serving buffets on the Mega Express and the classic ferries.

Our offers

Enjoy our all-inclusive offers & take some refreshments at the best price !

5,40 € the Breakfast offer
12,60 € the Self-Service offer
9,60 € the Navy Bag offer for children

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The restaurants on board the ferries

Bars & restaurants

In the "a la carte restaurants" of the Mega Express ferries and the classic ferries you may enjoy the Menu "la traversée gourmande". It costs 33,10 €: appetizers, a starter, a main course, cheese or dessert;
For your children, the "petit mousse" menu at 14 €: pasta and chips or breaded veal cutlet with chips, a dessert, a soda or water.

Buffet Self-Service

You can serve yourself at the buffet. There are salads, starters, pasta, meat and fish dishes and a large selection of desserts.

Mixed salad
from 3,90 €

Main course
from 7,20 €

Italian pasta
from 8,20 €

2,90 €

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