Breakfast offer

The "Petit Déjeuner Continental", continental breakfast consists of :
A choice of 4 hot drinks (coffee, tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate),
1 pastry (pain au chocolat or croissant),
1 fruit juice (25cL),
1 bread portion with butter and jam.


* € 6.50 for the same offer purchased on-board.

Yellow’s Self-service offer

For your lunch or dinner, the Yellow’s Self-service offer consists of :

1 small salad,
1 main course with side dish,
1 dessert.

Yellow’s self-service

Book your Yellow’s Self-service offer in advance and save up more than 20% on the same meals on-board.

Navy Bag offer

For kids, a package adapted to their tastes and a great present to collect, composed of:

1 portion of nuggets (6 pieces) or 1 breaded veal cutlet or minced meat
1 portion of chips
1 drink (soda, fruit juice or mineral water)
1 pom'potes desert
1 present from the Captain

Navy Bag

* 9,99 € for the same offer purchased on-board.

Food Pass

A new food offer !

Booking the Food Pass offer at 25 €, you can spend on-board in our restaurants, bars, cafeterias !

Food Pass

* 5€ savings/offer. Not refundable.

Special offers

as a family

-50% for children
from 4 to 12 years
Board all
your luggage !
from 69 /person
2 persons &
camping car

from 100 Savona - Bastia One way
Travel in
good company

from 17 The crossing
for your dog