Restaurant's offers

Whatever the time of the day, there is always a way for you to eat... at a low price!
Book your packages beforehand and save up to 20% on the the equivalent offer bought on board !

New offer: Comfort lounge

formule Comfort Lounge

On board the admiral boat Pascal Lota, benefit from a privileged space and an all-you-can-eat food service throughout the crossing.

The comfort lounge offer is composed of::
- Access to a private lounge area
- A non-stop all-you-can-eat brunch buffet
- Free mineral water, fruit juice and hot drinks

Comfort Lounge offer 26,90 € / person 12 €/ children *

* check availabilities


New offers: Food pass and maxi-food pass

Two new food offers while making savings !

Booking the Food Pass offer at 19,90 €, you can spend 25 € on board in our restaurants, bars, cafeterias... which represents more than a 20% economy. !

The same goes for the Maxi Food Pass. Booking the maxi-food pass offer at29,90 € you can spend 35 € on board in our restaurants, bars, cafeterias... which represents a saving of almost 15%.

Food Pass offer 19,90 € and Maxi Food Pass offer 29,90 € *

* not refundable


Breakfast offer

Breakfast offer

The "Petit Déjeuner Continental", continental breakfast is composed of :
A choice of 4 hot drinks (coffee, tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate),
1 pastry (pain au chocolat or croissant),
1 fruit juice (25cL),
1 bread portion with butter and jam.

Breakfast offer from 5,40 €


Self-service offer

For your lunch or dinner, the self-service offer is composed of :
1 main course with a side dish

Self-service offer 12,60 €


Navy Bag offer

For kids, a package adapted to their tastes and a great present to collect, composed of:
1 portion of nuggets (6 pieces) or 1 breaded veal cutlet or minced meat
1 portion of chips
1 drink (soda, fruit juice or mineral water)
1 pom'potes desert
1 present form the Capitaine

Navy Bag offer 9,60 €


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  • From mainland to islands
  • MAINLAND ➔ CORSICA (Toulon, Nice, Savona, Livorno ➔ Bastia, Ajaccio, Ile-Rousse, Porto-Vecchio)
  • MAINLAND ➔ SARDINIA (Toulon, Nice, Livorno ➔ Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci)
  • MAINLAND ➔ ELBA (Piombino, ➔ Portoferraio)
  • MAINLAND ➔ BALEARIC ISLANDS (Toulon ➔ Alcúdia, Menorca)
  • MAINLAND ➔ SICILY (Toulon ➔ Trapani)
  • From islands to mainland
  • CORSICA ➔ MAINLAND (Bastia, Ajaccio, Ile-Rousse, Porto-Vecchio ➔ Toulon, Nice, Savona, Livorno)
  • SARDINIA ➔ MAINLAND (Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci ➔ Toulon, Nice, Livorno
  • ELBA ➔ MAINLAND (Portoferraio ➔ Piombino)
  • BALEARIC ISLANDS ➔ MAINLAND (Alcúdia, Menorca ➔ Toulon)
  • SICILY ➔ MAINLAND (Trapani ➔ Toulon)
  • Between islands
  • CORSICA ➔ SARDINIA (Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio, Bastia ➔ Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci)
  • SARDINIA ➔ CORSICA (Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci ➔ Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio, Bastia)
  • CORSICA ➔ ELBA (Bastia ➔ Portoferraio)
  • ELBA ➔ CORSICA (Portoferraio ➔ Bastia)