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Special short stay! "Escapade" offer

Escapade offer -30%
Escapade offer

Treat yourself to a 4-day stay in Sardinia !
This tariff is available from Toulon and Nice to Sardinia and the maximum stay there is 4 days.

30 % discount on passenger prices, vehicles and cabins*.

To be able to benefit from this offer log on to your Corsica Club account and book your crossing. If you don't yet have an account, create one now and access our fidelity programme: Corsica Club.

* Excluding motorbikes and luxury cabins.
Bookable at any time within the limit of availability , up to the day prior to departure.
The Escapade offer is non-modifiable and non-refundable..
Also available from Sardinia to the mainland.
  • See conditions
    - The maximum stay there is 4 days.
    - Discount of 30% can be applied on passengers's prices, vehicles's prices (excluding motorbikes), cabin's prices (excluding Luxe cabin), taxes and charges are excluded
    - The offer is not retroactive, not refundable and not changeable. It cannot be combined with other reductions.
    - It is subject to specific conditions and to the availability of places.


Standard tariff

Standard tariff

Standard tariff always available and modifiable !
On crossings from Toulon, Nice and Livorno to Sardinia, make the most of our numerous standard tariffs !

Standard tariff from 30 € per person *

  • See conditions
    - Any ticket booked with standard tariff can be changed by paying an amendment fee (30 €);
    - It will not be partly or fully refundable.


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  • From mainland to islands
  • MAINLAND ➔ CORSICA (Toulon, Nice, Savona, Livorno ➔ Bastia, Ajaccio, Ile-Rousse, Porto-Vecchio)
  • MAINLAND ➔ SARDINIA (Toulon, Nice, Livorno ➔ Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci)
  • MAINLAND ➔ ELBA (Piombino, ➔ Portoferraio)
  • MAINLAND ➔ BALEARIC ISLANDS (Toulon ➔ Alcúdia, Menorca)
  • MAINLAND ➔ SICILY (Toulon ➔ Trapani)
  • From islands to mainland
  • CORSICA ➔ MAINLAND (Bastia, Ajaccio, Ile-Rousse, Porto-Vecchio ➔ Toulon, Nice, Savona, Livorno)
  • SARDINIA ➔ MAINLAND (Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci ➔ Toulon, Nice, Livorno
  • ELBA ➔ MAINLAND (Portoferraio ➔ Piombino)
  • BALEARIC ISLANDS ➔ MAINLAND (Alcúdia, Menorca ➔ Toulon)
  • SICILY ➔ MAINLAND (Trapani ➔ Toulon)
  • Between islands
  • CORSICA ➔ SARDINIA (Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio, Bastia ➔ Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci)
  • SARDINIA ➔ CORSICA (Porto-Torres, Golfo-Aranci ➔ Porto-Vecchio, Ajaccio, Bastia)
  • CORSICA ➔ ELBA (Bastia ➔ Portoferraio)
  • ELBA ➔ CORSICA (Portoferraio ➔ Bastia)