Useful information

Disabled passengers

Passengers with reduced mobility

When booking, please inform us if you are a disabled passenger: we have adapted cabins on most of our ferries.
Moreover, in order to facilitate your access on board (access to an elevator...), please contact a port authority staff member prior to boarding operations (at least one hour before departure).



Animals are accepted on board. Cats and other small animals need to be kept in cages during the crossing and their crossing needs to be booked. Dogs: their crossing is subject to a dog tariff and needs to be booked. A leash and a muzzle are mandatory.
You must be in possession of the European pet passport with vaccines up to date.
To travel to the European Union, we remind you that dogs, cats and ferrets traveling with their owner or for commercial purposes must have:
- More than 15 weeks.
- Identification (electronic identification, or clearly legible tattoo made before 03/07/2011).
- Up-to-date anti-rabies vaccination.
- European pet passport provided and filled by a veterinarian.
On board, animals are not admitted to the restaurants. A hygienic zone is available on the deck. If you are travelling in a cabin with your animal, you will get a specific cabin.

DANGER OF DEATH! It is strictly forbidden to leave your animal in your vehicle during the crossing.

Proof of identity - Identity control


In compliance with the ISPS regulations (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) at any moment at the ports or on board, identity controls of passengers and tickets can take place. Please make sure you always carry the following with you : ticket confirmation, proof of discounts and valid ID documents.
For security reasons, before your departure, you need to provide us with identity information for each passenger.

Luggage and carried objects


If you travel without a vehicle you are allowed to transport your luggage for free. The pieces of luggage need to contain personal effects and cannot be cumbersome.
Pieces of baggage such as canoes or kayaks, which are not transported in a vehicle need to be left in the garage of the ship and will be subjected to payment according to the company's tariff.
You can take your pieces of luggage with you in your cabin or leave them at the baggage check service on board.
The company is in no case responsible for the pieces of luggage even if they are left in the area intended for this purpose unless its liability can be proven.
If it is proven that the Company has made an error, compensation will not exceed 300 €.
Attention ! We remind you that it is strictly forbidden to carry in any possible form, any kind of weapon and dangerous substance such as explosives, gas, fuel and any other kind of inflammable substance (cf. general terms and conditions). During security controls, these objects will be seized and no payment of damages nor restitution will be possible.

Embarkation - Nautel service


If you board without a vehicle, please be there at least 30 minutes before departure. If you board with a car, please be there at least one hour before departure. On the first day of holiday periods, please be there at least 1 hour and a half before departure. The same goes for your return journey. Leave sufficient time to get to the port safely; Corsican roads are often extremely busy in the summer.
Attention : beyond the indicated registration time limit, boarding is no longer guaranteed and your ticket no longer valid. The boat may leave up to 30 minutes before the original time of departure without any notice. At the port, you may directly present yourself in the parking area with your ticket (tick-e-mail, SMS-ticket, tickefax, screenshot of the reservation...) for registration. Your boarding pass will then be given to you.
For you own security, during embarkation, never park your vehicle at less than 50 meters from the boat.
Nautel service: If you have booked the Nautel package, please be at the port of embarkation at Livorno before 11:00 PM (lithe latest presentation time possible) the day before your departure to Corsica.
On board, our restaurant services and bars look forward to welcoming you.

Health - Pregnant women

Health, Pregnant women

Any kind of specific health needs to be declared while booking your ticket. The company may refuse passengers in need of medical assistance during the crossing. This is because the ship's doctor can only perform assistance in case of emergency.
If the passenger supplies a medical certificate in due form attesting to the fact that the passenger does not need a medical assistance during the crossing, the company will be able to board the passenger, declining all responsibility concerning the passenger.

Pregnant women
Women more than 6 months pregnant are obliged to have with them a medical certificate authorizing them to travel to show to staff on board when asked.
In case of a high-risk pregnancy, irrespectively of the month of pregnancy, the passenger will have to present a medical certificate enabling her to travel.

Lost and found objects

 Lost Property

If you have forgotten or lost objects on board, please address the information desk during the crossing.
After the crossing,Use our online form to declare a loss.
Valueless objects will be kept for 2 weeks, the others will be kept for 1 month.
The company declines all responsibility in the case of damaged objects.

Traveling Information

Travel Information

Please give us, while booking your crossing, your mobile number and possibly your landline phone number at which we can reach you to inform you in time of any consequential time changes.
We can also contact you via SMS.

During the crossing

 While on board

During the crossing, you won't be able to access your vehicle. Take all the belongings you will need on board (all our ferries are air-conditioned).
Concerning parking, remember where your parking space is, put the hand-break on, put the car in gear, do not activate your audible alarm, make sure your lights are off and lock your car doors and boot before leaving your car.
Do not leave any perishable objects or food in the car during the crossing (the temperature in the garages may be high).

Mobile coverage on board

Mobile Phones on board the ferries

Our ferries are equipped with the GSM net of TIM@Sea.
As soon as the service is available a symbol appears on the screen of your phone.
You may use your mobile phone during the entire length of the sailing. The charge applied to your mobile account will be determined by your own mobile operator.