106 €*
2 passengers with a car
49 €*
1 passenger with a motorcycle
126 €*
2 passengers with a camper

* taxes included.

We will inform you of the port of departure, the port of arrival and the timings of your journey.
We will take you to the Island on the date you have chosen.
The promo is only available in connection with a Corsica Club account. If you are not already part of the Corsica Club, create an account today to access our amazing loyalty program!

Conditions Open Island
- The booking is valid for a maximum of 2 passengers per vehicle.
- Prices include taxes.
- To take advantage of the promotion, you have to book a outward and return crossing.
- Booking a vehicle is compulsory and the vehicle (car or motorcycle) can’t exceed the following measurements of 5 m long, 1.90 m high and 2 m wide. The camper can’t exceed 7 m long.
- Additional services can be booked once we confirm the trip and at the price stated at the time. Any additional fees will be charged at the same time.
- The promotion is non-refundable but can be changed until the trip is confirmed by Corsica Ferries. Once confirmed, the ticket cannot be changed.

Special offers

New ! Special Fare Open Island
From 49
New ! Time to Think 48 hours to change your mind
as a family

-50% for children
from 4 to 12 years
Board all
your luggage !
from 69 /person
2 persons &
camping car

from 100 Savona - Bastia One way
Travel in
good company

from 17 The crossing
for your dog