Delight on the plate

With family, friends, as a pair or alone. Yellow's offers a large selection of cold and hot starters, meat and fish, toppings, pasta, salads, desserts, drinks.... let alone the Navy Bag Menu for children. Something to make each plate sparkle, at the best price!

Our self-service and specialities à la carte

a hot dish (dish and side dishes, Italian pasta or
big salad) + 1 roll + 1 drink

Navy Bag Offer
A warm meal (Nuggets or Beefsteak and
fruits, Spaghetti-tomatos) + 1 pompote dessert + 1
drink (mineral water still or sparkling) + 1 Surprise

Continental breakfast offer
1 cookie, 1 fruit juice, 1 roll, butter
and jam portions, 1 hot drink

Food Pass and Maxi Food Pass
Buy your Food Pass for 19,90€ (Maxi Food Pass
29,90€) and spend 25€ on board (Maxi Food Pass
35€). You will save between 15 and 20%.

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