How can I get a quote for my crossing?

You can get a quote for groups with up to nine people by using the reservation engine directly on our website. Choose your crossing and services and then click on ‘Fares’; you will get a complete quote and even be able to compare prices with other crossings and dates.

Is my online payment completely secured?

Our website allows you to pay by credit card (your payment is secured by SSL) or Paypal in complete security.

What are the Jackpot fare conditions?

Our special offer Jackpot fare is non-modifiable and non-refundable should you cancel your ticket in whole or in part.

What are the Standard fare conditions?

Standard fares can be modified with a €30 fee plus any difference in crossing fares. However, they are non-refundable, either in whole or in part. Any changes must be made before check-in time on the day of departure.

What are the Flex fare conditions?

Flex fares may be modified and wholly or partly cancelled with fees according to the following scale (based on ticket prices excluding taxes):
- 10 % up to one month before departure,
- 20 % up to 48 hours before departure,
- 50 % up to check-in time,
- 100 % of any reservation cancelled beyond check-in time (1 hour before departure) or after actual check-in.

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