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Do I need any ID documents for embarkation?

You need to bring along your valid ID documents (ID card, passport) as well as proof for discounts. For small children and children who do not possess an ID card you may present the family book in order to prove your relation to the child. For security reasons, you have to submit information about the ID documents of each passenger prior to departure.
ID checks and controls are carried out systematically in the ports and on board.

Are there security measures at the ports?

There are security measures at all ports of embarkation and they were increased in recently. Together with the port authorities we implement the existing security terms and regulations.
We advise you that it is strictly forbidden to carry any kind of weapon and dangerous materials like explosives, gas, gasoline or other inflammable materials (see General terms and conditions).
Such goods found in security controls will be confiscated without any right to claim compensation or refund.

My child is a minor. Can he/she travel unaccompanied ?

Unaccompanied children under 16 years old are not allowed to travel on their own. They have to be under the permanent supervision of their parents or another accompanying person who has to be on the ship.

My child will travel on the ferry with family members without me. What conditions do I have to respect ?

On French routes the ticket and ID documents of the child are sufficient. For international crossings children under the age of sixteen travelling with adults other than their legal representatives (parents, guardians) must have an exit permit issued from the parents' residence authority and a copy of their passport in addition to ID documents.

How do I get to the port?

Under the heading "Plan your trip" you will find "The ports" with an access map for all our ports.

When do I have to embark ?

If you are a foot passenger you should arrive no later than 30 minutes before departure. If you are travelling in a vehicle you should arrive at least 1 hour before departure. If you arrive late Corsica Ferries reserves the right to decline embarkation.

I have booked the NAUTEL Offer. When do I have to be at embarkation?

You may embark between 20h30 and 22h. You may have dinner on board. Our bars and restaurants will be open when you arrive.

We are several people travelling together in one car. Would it be possible that only one parks the car while the others walk on board?

If one or more passenger(s) would like to walk on board while the car is at embarkation you just need to book our "Express Boarding" service. We also offer the service "Top Position": In addition to "Express Boarding" for passengers the driver will be able to park the car at embarkation in a front position to enable a quick disembarkation! These 2 services will be offered to you in the booking process if they are available.