How do I find my cabin once on board?

Please note your parking spot (this may be a number or a sign of a starfish, fish, seahorse etc.) and zone when leaving the garage. This will allow you to find your vehicle without difficulty when disembarking.
Please then proceed directly to your cabin; the cabin and deck numbers are indicated on your boarding card (each deck has a side with even numbers and a side with odd numbers).
A steward will check your boarding card and open your cabin.

How are the cabins equipped?

Our ships have different types of cabins, all equipped with shower, toilet, towels and bed linen. Some features vary: the size of the beds, with or without a porthole, TV, etc. See our "Cabins" section.
According to availability, you may be able to reserve a cabin at reception on board.

Can i watch TV in the cabin?

You can watch TV in the luxury cabins on the Mega Express and the Mega Smeralda.

Are cots provided in the cabin?

According to availability, cots can be hired on board for a charge of €7 per sailing. Please make enquiries at reception. Staff will check if a cot can be put up in your type of cabin (this is not possible in certain cabins due to lack of space).

Are there any eating facilities on board?

Restaurants, Cafeterias and Self-Service eateries are available after check-in and during the entire journey. They offer a good choice of different meals and options suitable for children can be found in Self-Service.

Which other services are available on board?

Our ships offer cabins, restaurants, left-luggage offices, special areas for pets, cots and play areas for children.

I am a foot passenger. Is there anywhere I can leave my luggage?

Each of our ships has a left-luggage office. If you have booked a cabin you can leave your luggage there. During the crossing you will not have access to the left-luggage office. The company does not assume any responsibility for luggage, even when it is stored with left-luggage.

May I stay in my car during the sailing?

It is strictly forbidden to stay in your car during the crossing. Camping on board (in a caravan, tent) is also forbidden.

I am a person with reduced mobility or am travelling with a person of reduced mobility; are there adapted cabins on board?

Our vessels have cabins that are specially adapted for people of reduced mobility with adapted access for wheelchairs and to bathrooms. Lifts are available on board facilitating access to the upper decks and cabins.

I am travelling with a camper van. Is it possible to keep the fridge plugged in during the crossing?

The fridge plug is reserved for freight vehicles.
Fridges which run on gas must be switched off during the crossing. Gas bottles are only allowed if the camper van has a spot specifically intended for gas bottles. Supplementary gas bottles are not allowed.

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