Is there a crossing from Marseille to Corsica?

There is no direct crossing between Marseille and Corsica. However, about 60 km from Marseille is Toulon, easily accessible from the motorway. From Toulon our ships leave for Bastia, Ile Rousse and Ajaccio throughout the year. There is a wide selection of reasonably-priced tickets. During the day you reach the island in 5 hours 45 minutes or you can take a night ferry.

Are there crossings from Nice to Ajaccio?

We may be able to offer this crossing in the future, depending on demand. However, we cannot confirm this at the current time. Any additions to our schedule will be immediately brought up to date on our website. br> We do, however, offer daily crossings from Toulon to Bastia and Ajaccio all year round plus crossings from Nice to Bastia at least once a week

Will there be crossings from Bastia to Elba this summer?

Our schedule for crossings to and from Elba this summer is now available on our website. Crossings from Bastia to Portoferraio are programmed twice a week, on Thursdays and Friday.

I can’t find information on crossings to Minorca; is there still a service available to this destination?

Our company has crossings from Toulon to Minorca. These crossings are not daily. Should there be no crossing on your chosen date, we invite you to modify your dates by clicking on ‘following day’ or ‘previous day’.

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