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=I am travelling with a dog, what conditions do I have to respect?

You have to book a ticket for your dog with your reservation. Ticket prices start at 19 € per crossing. Onboard dogs have to be kept on a leash and have to wear a muzzle.
You must be in possession of the European pet passport with vaccines up to date.
To travel to the European Union, we remind you that dogs, cats and ferrets traveling with their owner or for commercial purposes must have:
- be older than 15 weeks.
- have identification (electronic identification, or a clearly-legible tattoo done before 03/07/2011).
- have an up-to-date anti-rabies vaccination.
- have a European pet passport provided and filled out by a veterinarian.
You can be together with your dog onboard our ferry. It is strictly forbidden to leave the dog in the car (mortal danger).

I am travelling with a cat or other small pet. What conditions do I have to respect?

Animals are accepted on board. Cats and other small animals need to be kept in pet carriers during the crossing and their crossing needs to be booked.
It is strictly forbidden to leave a cat of other small pet in a car (mortal danger).

I would like to add my dog to the reservation. What conditions do I have to respect ?

You have to change your booking under the heading « Passenger » Change your booking: Go to "My reservations" then "Recall my ticket".

I would like to travel with a horse (or other big animal), what do I have to respect?

If you intend to travel with a horse you have to contact our central reservation at +33.495.32.95.95.
You can travel with a horse, provided you send a special request by calling our central booking at +33.495.32.95.95. The horse must be transported in a van. You must also make a declaration before departure at the boarding office. You may be subject to sanitary inspection at any time.