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I have not received my ticket to sail to Corsica/ I would like to reprint my ticket, what do I have to do ?

Tickets booked through our website will be sent a few minutes after booking via email. You may view and reprint your ticket at any time. Please enter your name and booking number on the homepage of our website in the relevant space and then click on Go to "My reservations" then "Recall my ticket" and "Print your ticket".

Is it possible to modify the name / first name of a passenger on the ticket?

It is not allowed to modify the name or first name of one or more passengers (see General Terms and Conditions /Choice of fares/Amendments Article 8). The entries cannot be modified under any circumstances. If you want to change the name or first name a new ticket has to be issued.

How can I modify my ticket to Corsica / Sardinia?

First of all check if you have booked a Jackpot tariff. In this case it cannot be modified. You may modify your tickets to Corsica or Sardinia directly on our homepage. Log into your account and then click on "Modify your ticket".
For any modification of standard tickets, for the modification of the registration number as well as possible tariff differences a modification fee of € 30 per sailing will be charged.
For members of Corsica Club with Gold status all modifications are free.

How can I cancel my ticket to Corsica ?

You may cancel your tickets to Corsica calling our center or sending an email.
Tickets booked as Promo fares or standard fares will not be refunded in case of a full or partial cancellation.
Tickets booked as Flex fares or resident fares can be modified and are subject to the following conditions in case of a partial or full cancellation of the ticket (reimbursement is based on the ticket price without fees /taxes):
- 10% up to 1 month prior to departure,
- 20% up to 48 hours prior to departure,
- 50% up to the deadline to be at embarkation,
- 100% for tickets cancelled after the deadline for embarkation (1 hour prior to departure) or after check-in. These tickets become invalid. For the cancellation of tickets after the date was modified the first date will be considered.
In case a ticket was fully or partly cancelled and the taxes (port, regional and safety taxes) were reimbursed a cancellation fee of 3,50 € per sailing will be charged.
All reimbursement claims have to be sent by email stating the ticket number.
Tickets paid by credit card on the website or by phone will be reimbursed to the credit card used for the purchase. Tickets paid by cheque, cash or ticket offices will be reimbursed by bank transfer (please indicate IBAN and BIC).
Application for reimbursement should be made within 2 months from the scheduled date of the journey.
Reimbursement for tickets bought in travel agencies has to be claimed with the agency. They will process the claim.

Is online payment of the ticket secure?

The credit card payment of your ticket on our website is secured (transactions are secured by SSL).