Purchase a ticket to Corsica


1If you have booked your tickets through the website you will receive the confirmation of your booking via email a few minutes after the reservation. Under the heading "Your ticket" you may view and print your ticket at any time. In order to do so you have to enter your name and reservation number

2The ticket will contain only one name. However, according to instruction 98/41/CE-Art. 5 we have to ask for the names and age of the passengers during reservation. In case there are any changes after the reservation you have to inform us.

3If the tariff booked allows for a change in the booking you may change your ticket by calling +33.495.32.95.95. Any ticket booked with standard tariff can be changed by paying an amendment fee (30 €); however, it will not be partly or fully refundable. Please note that a change of booking may possibly lead to additional costs due to change of tariff. Any ticket booked under a special fare tariff cannot be changed, and will not be partly or fully refundable. Additional costs for the tariff change could also be involved.

4You may cancel you booking by calling +33.495.32.95.95. The following cancellation fees will apply:
- 10% up to one month before departure
- 20% up to 48 hrs. before departure
- 50% up to the checking in time for embarking
- 100% for special tariff tickets and standard tariff tickets.

There is no refund for cancellations made after this deadline (1 hour before departure) or after registration and the tickets will loose their validity. For cancellations of a ticket that was changed already before the original date is decisive.

5You may book you ticket online and pay with a credit card. The transaction is secured by SSL.

6Except for special tariffs all tickets may also be booked by calling +33.495.32.95.95 and paid by traveler cheques.

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